"TOMORROW" - a group exhibition

Hashimoto Contemporary is pleased to present “Tomorrow” a group exhibition featuring the works of seventeen dynamic painters and mixed media artists from the Bay Area and beyond.
The main focus of the exhibition is to present progressive trends in contemporary art with a diverse showcase of emerging and established artists, centering primarily on conceptual painting and contemporary illustration.

Representing a group of digitally minded artists and illustrators, “Tomorrow” is a multi-dimensional exhibition for a new kind of audience. Most artists in the show have developed their careers in an age where aesthetics are shifting to accommodate “screenic culture.” Threading together this wide range of artists is their steadfast commitment to conventional methods of art making. The result is a comprehensive look into post analogue painting, illustration and sculpture made exclusively through traditional processes.

“Tomorrow” is an experiment all its own, the show seeks to visually inquire into a myriad of different styles and techniques. Whilst some works embrace the high key, utilizing punched up colors, strong contrasts and clean minimal designs, others reject the abstract and embrace the representational free form of their painterly techniques. Featuring works from mostly young emerging Bay Area artists as well as some more established ones, “Tomorrow” is a strong display of what the future holds for contemporary art.

Participating artists:
Santiago Salvador Ascui • Mario Ayala • Sarah Bowser • Jeffrey Cheung • Matthew Craven • Amir H Fallah • Joseph Ferriso • Brett Flanigan • Michelle Fleck • Casey Gray • Ryan de la Hoz • Andrew Luck • John F. Malta • Sean Newport • Pablo de Pinho • Jenny Sharaf • Anna Valdez • Kristen Liu Wong • Alex Ziv