Scott Scheidly - "The Pinks II"

Scott Scheidly

“The Pinks 2” solo show

October 4th - October 24th, 2014


Hashimoto Contemporary is pleased to announce “The Pinks 2”, the latest solo exhibition by gallery artist Scott Scheidly. Comprised of thirteen new vibrantly unorthodox acrylic paintings, “The Pinks 2” functions as a continuation of the Florida-based artist’s exploration into the cultural and social perceptions of color and symbology, while addressing how both can alter the way we absorb the world around us.


In 2013, Scheidly presented his first solo show with us, dubbed “The Pinks”, which was showcased at our sister gallery Spoke Art. The exhibition introduced Scheidly’s both shocking and hilarious re-imaginings of masculine figures, throughout history and fiction alike, adorned in pink hues and witty accessories. For “The Pinks 2”, Scheidly’s brand new batch of superbly rendered satirical portraits incorporates various classic American machismo, notorious dictators and deadly firearms, each supported by an intricate and shockingly pink frame.


This month’s show features a range of familiar faces, for better or worse, from Benito Mussolini to the cinematic icon John Wayne. Each of Scheidly’s subjects have been noted for their bravado and manliness, and in many cases their public images were once highly monitored to only exude such characteristics. This was in part communicated in the media through the colors and various insignia that they wore. By experimenting with our preconceptions of color by way of popular imagery, Scheidly challenges his viewers to react and contemplate about the tension he has manifested.    


While many of Scheidly’s paintings are playful in nature, for example the candy-coated Tusken Raider from the popular Star Wars franchise, others address a more serious dialogue, such as Scheidly’s rendition of Vladimir Putin bearing pink furs and the pride flag. This diverse group of subjects is unified under the artist’s unconventional treatment of their otherwise already commanding and heavily charged images. Scheidly pushes questions forward regarding power and iconic propaganda that revolve around issues that still resonate to this day.      


“The Pinks 2” opens Saturday, October 4th with an opening night reception from 6pm-10pm and will be on view through Friday, October 24th.


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