"Lore" - Sam Wolfe Connelly, Nimit Malavia, Karla Ortiz

Lore - a three person show
Sam Wolfe Connelly - Nimit Malavia - Karla Ortiz

August 2nd - August 23rd

Hashimoto Contemporary is proud to present Lore, a three person exhibition featuring the enigmatic work of Sam Wolfe Connelly, Nimit Malavia and Karla Ortiz. Sharing acclaimed backgrounds in illustration and a common love for graphite, the trio presents a ranging body of work for this month’s show that explore the allure of the fabled, haunted, and recounted.

New York City- based artist, Sam Wolfe Connelly’s work wanders through dark corridors, reuniting his viewers with long forgotten fears, from whispers in the attic to the gleaming reflection of eyes peering through a window. Each of Connelly’s drawings speak with a sinister poeticism, arranged within a warm and dimly lit domestic setting. Connelly evokes such a hushed tension through his use of graphite, rendering darkness in a way that leaves only the slightest hint of what lurks within.

Award-winning illustrator Nimit Malavia channels sensation and emotion through his own reinterpretation of mythical stories and symbolism. His drawings express a certain energy, wild in nature and free-flowing across each piece of paper. Malavia’s use of graphite and inks convey a fluidity of story-telling that amplifies a sense of drama within the work. In a recent interview with the artist, he quotes an old saying from Thailand “We walk here and there in this world, in search of strange objects.”

San Francisco-based Karla Ortiz is a seasoned concept artist/illustrator, and creator of fantastical worlds and character-driven illustrations. Her stylized subjects give off a sense of timelessness that is both radiant and dark. Ortiz’s lush rendering of shadow and light with graphite heightens the theatricality of each work. Certain figures are captured in motion, enveloped by rippling fabric that conceals a gesture or frames a masterful gaze.

For this month’s show, Connelly, Malavia and Ortiz pull from their imaginations and together form a narrative spun from personal myths and echoed from other worlds.

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