Katie Kimmel

Each of Katie Kimmel's ceramic vases and sculptures has a gleeful personality and it is not hard for the viewer to imagine them frolicking with each other, creating a sense of community within the installation. Lovingly hand formed and painted, the artist’s hand and witty sensibility is evident in each piece. Infused with a sense of unpretentious jubilation and silliness, Kimmel’s work is effortless in its embrace of quirkiness, kitsch and craft inviting us (and our dogs) to come play.

Kimmel's debut solo exhibition with Hashimoto Contemporary SF in January 2019, titled "Dog Park," was imbued with the artist’s tactile process and her signature playfulness and humor. Inspired by her visits to the park with her dogs, "Dog Park" was filled with the energy and joy of meeting new friends. Dogs of all shapes and sizes served as starting points for Kimmel’s cheerfully glazed ceramic works from fluffy white poodles to purple spotted dalmatians and neon mutts.

Kimmel also participated in our summer 2019 group show "Potluck," exploring food culture and its communal connections. Her installation featured a buffet spread of oysters, lemons, shrimps, and other playful seafood characters.