Erik Jones - "Motion"

Erik Jones

“Motion” - a debut solo show

July 5th - July 26th


Jones’ work investigates form, both abstract and figurative, through a unique combination of hyperrealism and geometric expressionism. Rendering his subjects carefully in a photorealistic manner, each figure is then enveloped within a colorful swell of shapes, color and form.

Such surreal interventions are accomplished through the artist’s methodical process of mark-making. Utilizing a wide range of materials, Jones’ mixed media approach creates a hypnotic tension between the familiar and the fantastical. Using watercolor and colored pencil as the soft foundation upon which Jones’ figures manifest, oil paint and wax pastels are then layered upon the main subject in a more intuitive manner. These saturated patterns move around the figure, further highlighting various gestures or the occasional curious glance peering out from behind the colorful structures.

For his debut solo show, the subject of Jones’ paintings take on three separate forms, all unique yet interconnected into a greater whole. The most recognizable of the paintings depict the nude human form, an ongoing motif in the artist’s greater body of work. Simultaneously, some of the paintings focus on what lies further beneath the skin, exploring memento mori and the symbology of death. Lastly, the third grouping of paintings in the exhibition stand void of any figure at all, giving in whole-heartedly to the mobility and flux of the more abstract qualities of Jones’ work. These three subjects take the helm of Motion, referencing a cyclical narrative of life, death and the unknown. 

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