Crystal Wagner: "Microcosm"

Hashimoto Contemporary is pleased to welcome back represented artist Crystal Wagner for her second solo show at the gallery. Titled "Microcosm", our July exhibition consists of new and recent paper sculptures.

Focusing on texture and bright colors, Wagner constructs biomorphic worlds out of manipulated paper. Assembled with a sense of natural growth, each sculpture ranges in both size and complexity. Combining screen printing with hand-cut precision, the artist allows her materials to build upon themselves. Each layer of paper moves intrinsically, often taking on the mannerisms of reptilian scales or cascading water. Housed in custom- made wooden “terrariums”, Wagner’s paper works give the illusion of an unknown force flourishing against its rigid constraints.

“Microcosm” serves as a continuation of Wagner’s solo show at the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art, which took place earlier this year. Several works from the museum will be included in this month’s exhibit, accompanying four new sculptures that further expand upon the artist’s dialogue around material and composition.

Central to “Microcosm” are three multiple-component sculptures - one diptych and two large-scale triptychs. While each wooden box distinguishes an individual formation, the contained paper sculptures flow together in defiance of their physical barriers. Wagner’s groupings are arranged in an off-kilter configuration, at times even stacked on top of one another. The negative space between each box functions as an extension of the sculptures. This departure in presentation opens a new door for the artist as she explores her work’s impact as a single entity within the gallery, unified through color and design.

Please join us for “Microcosm”, opening Thursday, June 30 with an evening reception from 6pm-10pm, where the artist will be in attendance. This exhibition will be on view through Saturday, July 23.

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